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art portal....

2009-08-26 00:05:29 by MADJACK24

kay, srsly. i've got shit loads better! i'm gonna get some stuff scanned and post it in the portal....

so i bought myself another tf

2009-08-18 15:19:29 by MADJACK24

this time its.... universe classics autobot blaster!!! i love it! the posability is amazing, and so is the alternate mode. he even has a g1 paint scheme. he's a remold of galaxy force soundwae. i wish i had soundwave, though. the two would make such an amazing pair. i love the figure, and i'm quite satisfied.

so i bought myself another tf

my atittude

2009-08-16 21:50:04 by MADJACK24

i realise my atittude is'nt the best.... i plan on changing that... i shall try my best to act positively dispite what anyone else thinks... soooo, i am an official anti-jerk.... i doubt you all care, but do as you wish. for my lord is my teacher, and i learn from him....


2009-08-15 08:49:41 by MADJACK24

last night, i typed some mean stuff about my parents... unlike all of you, i clearly have a consience. i regret what i said.... i love my parents with all my heart.... BUT I HATE ALL OF YOU FAGS!!!!!!!! that was a great laugh last night. thank you for letting me know how much better i am than all of you dicks. LOL! flame all you wish, assholes

Do I piss people off?

2009-08-05 16:30:09 by MADJACK24

i joke around alot, but is it offending all of you? if so, i apologise. dont hate me cuz i'm crazy!!!

damn wannabe gangstas are stupid

2009-08-04 07:05:18 by MADJACK24

stupid kids using idiotic slang to sound like something they are'nt. i used to laugh at em'. now it's just pathetic. what moron acts like a total bitch on the internet in order to gain popularity? be yourself, people. all those who are offended by this post can tell me their opinion in an intelligent manor, or fuck off please

why do people care so much?

2009-08-03 14:07:15 by MADJACK24

every one is actin like a jackass because i dont drool over popular characters! buncha kissups!


2009-08-03 07:19:30 by MADJACK24

i have learned never to challenge authoritative figures.... but they're just so freakin stupid


i was banned....

2009-08-02 23:29:25 by MADJACK24

im sorry... ill never be a moron again

All hope is lost

2009-08-02 06:48:55 by MADJACK24

is there no end to the madness

All hope is lost